Guides for the creation of local food reserves

Newly created local food reserves often need to develop regulations and management tools that enable them to function in an orderly manner.
It is not necessary to start from scratch. There are several excellent guides that are available online and can help to create or improve local food reserves:

  • This FAO guide is historical (1991) but remains one of the most comprehensive. It is available online, thanks to google books (English) and (French).
  • This guide is an Oxfam translation of a piece in French that is still to be digitilized. It is entitled Cereal Banks at your service and it is another classic from back in 1991. It has a very entertaining way of telling (as if it were a story tale) the story of a village in the Sahel that hosts a local food reserve. It can provide many practical recommendations about what to do and what not to do. It is available here (English version only).
  • This useful guide has been developed (available only in French) by the Anti-poverty Programme in Niger. It consists of several pdf elements that can be downloaded from these two sites (1 and 2).
  • The treatment of the grain is a recurring problem in local reserves and it requires technical expertise. This guide produced by WFP explains how to treat the grain in a very didactic manner and can be downloaded in pdf in French and English.