First Line of Defence: Assessing the potential of local food reserves in the Sahel

First Line of Defence: Assessing the potential of local food reserves in the Sahel

Author: Gabriel Pons Cortès, Intermón Oxfam; Itzíar Gómez Carrasco, Intermón Oxfam
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Despite existing literature on the different modalities of food reserves, there is a dearth of specific analysis focusing on the potential of the first line of defence against food insecurity. The aim of the present study is to address this gap by analysing recent experiences, reviewing the factors that can determine or condition their failure or success, and assessing innovative instruments (such as linking local reserves to national food reserves, index insurance and stabilization funds) that could also contribute to their improvement.

This report was updated in June 2013.

The SARAO project

The SARAO project is a 3-year research programme funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Development (AACID) and implemented by Oxfam Intermón. This initiative seeks to improve our knowledge and understanding of issues linked to food security and resilience in Burkina, Mali and Niger, with a strong focus on social protection and food reserves as key instruments for improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable and building community resilience in the region.

This research programme has 3 overall objectives:

  • To provide recommendations to the institutions of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and ECOWAS on how to strengthen food security through food reserves and social protection systems.
  • To strengthen the capacity of CSOs in the Sahel to enhance their political impact through the acquisition of knowledge on food reserves and social protection instruments.
  • To build the capacities of local research institutions in Andalusia by promoting research, building a network of researchers and generating fruitful discussions on topics related to food security and development cooperation.

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