Niamey International Grain Exchange in Niger — CCFD-Terre Solidaire

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This 17 minute video documentary presents the Niamey international grain exchange in Niger (16th -17th December of 2013), an event organized by AcSSA Afrique Verte Niger in collaboration with Afrique Verte International. It was produced with the support of CCFD-Terre Solidaire and the AFD.

This documentary gives a voice to the actors who participate in the grain exchanges. Grain exchanges seek to improve the supply of deficit areas by linking the supply and demand of agricultural products at a regional level (grains – in raw and processed form, seeds). They participate in consolidating the ECOWAS and WAEMU markets by establishing long-term contacts between the cereal chain actors: farmers’ organizations, organizations of women who process agricultural products, traders.
The participants come from countries of the Afrique Verte International network (Burkina, Guinea, Mali and Niger) and other West African countries (Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Togo).