The food crisis of 2007-08, followed by successive food price spikes, was experienced as a shock by many. A new era of food price instability is predicted. Since then there is a renewed attention to food reserves. It has been at the center of discussions of international negotiations, be it the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), the G20 or the WTO, but also at national level, where different countries and regions have given increased attention to food reserves policies.

In 2011 the CFS has recommended actions to reduce food price volatility, including « Request relevant international organizations, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, to further assess the constraints and effectiveness of local, national and regional food reserves. »

In October 2012, the Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policies (IATP), OXFAM and ACORD organised a seminar to share information on food reserves. This website is an outcome of this seminar where we want to facilitate access to information and create a community of knowledge on local, national, regional and international food reserves.

This web site has received the support of the SARAO research programme funded by the AACID (Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación para el Desarrollo).

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